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Yale University School of Medicine

The Core will provide free training and cost-recovery-based services for in vitro assays of hematopoietic cells including liquid cultures for differentiation down specific hematopoietic lineages as well as clonogenic assays in semisolid medium. Clonogenic assays allow for growth of colony forming cells/units (CFU) and long term culture initiating cells (LTC-IC).

Core staff will teach YCCEH lab members how to perform the colony forming assays, as well as how to recognize the colony type by morphology. Additional training will include isolation of colonies for assay by cytospin and Wright-Giemsa staining. Such training will occur once per month, or as determined by the number of requests for training.

As a fee-based service, Core staff will perform colony assays, and return users with colony counts. Secondary or long-term culture can also be performed with increased fee structure. Colony analysis by cytospin and Wright-Geimsa staining will also be available as a service.



Publication: 2022-08-19