Cooperative Centers of Excellence in Hematology

IU Cooperative Centers of Excellence in Hematology (IU-CCEH) Workshop – expecting 20-25 Wells, MPESC, IU Health High School, and CCEH interns

Central Coordinating Center:

Bringing together Centers of Excellence to advance benign hematology research.

The Hematology Central Coordinating Center (HCCC) organizes and facilitates the activities of all the CCEHs in close collaboration with NIDDK by: 

  • Disseminating resources and services. The HCCC helps ensure awareness of and access to CCEH resources and services through a program website, social media channels, and conference participation, among other activities. We also provide funds for directly accessing core services across the CCEH (

  • Enhancing science. Using the combined expertise of all five CCEH centers, we offer unique training programs in flow cytometry and microscopy. We also share CCEH protocols ( to provide a solid platform to build more complex molecular and cellular studies in hematology.

  • Fostering diversity in and expansion of the hematology research community. The HCCC manages funding programs targeted to early career investigators (and established investigators from other domains) to enable rapid data generation, attract new talent, and spur research within the hematopoietic field. We support training programs to expand the field of classic hematology by drawing in new talent from diverse research backgrounds and populations.

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