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Putting the Heme in Hematology

Our center supports four cores: 

  • The¬†Iron & Heme Core¬†measures the activity of enzymes that synthesize heme and heme precursor molecules and determines transition metal levels in biologic samples.

  • The¬†Protein Metabolite Interaction Core¬†uses a unique system to find metabolites that bind to your protein of interest and identifies how these small molecules activate, stabilize or repress your protein‚Äôs activity.¬†

  • The¬†Metabolomics/Lipidomics Core¬†identifies metabolic changes in the basic building blocks of cells, molecules necessary in the bioenergetics of cells and lipids that are both functional and structural.

  • The¬†Enrichment Core¬†provides training programs at each of the cores and organizes seminars to educate the expert to the novice in up and coming areas of hematology.



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