Kinase-independent role of mTOR and on-/off-target effects of an mTOR kinase inhibitor


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Kinase-independent role of mTOR and on-/off-target effects of an mTOR kinase inhibitor Cuiqing Fan 1 , Mark Wunderlich1 , Xiongwei Cai1 , Zijun Yan2 , Feng Zhang 1 , Ashley Kuenzi Davis 1 , Lingli Xu 1 , Fukun Guo 1,3, Q. Richard Lu 1,3, Mohammad Azam 1,3, Weidong Tian2 and Yi Zheng Leukemia 37: 2073-2081 (2023)


mTOR, as a serine/threonine kinase, is a widely pursued anticancer target. Multiple clinical trials of mTOR kinase inhibitors are ongoing, but their specificity and safety features remain lacking. Here, we have employed an inducible kinase-inactive D2338A mTOR knock-in mouse model (mTOR-/KI) together with a mTOR conditional knockout model (mTOR-/-) to assess the kinase-dependent/-independent function of mTOR in hematopoiesis and the on-/off-target effects of mTOR kinase inhibitor AZD2014. Despite exhibiting many similar phenotypes to mTOR-/- mice in hematopoiesis, the mTOR-/KI mice survived longer and showed differences in hematopoietic progenitor cells compared to mTOR-/- mice, suggesting a kinase-independent function of mTOR in hematopoiesis. Gene expression signatures in hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) further revealed both kinase-dependent and independent effects of mTOR. AZD2014, a lead mTOR kinase inhibitor, appeared to work mostly on-target in suppressing mTOR kinase activity, mimicking that of mTOR-/KI HSCs in transcriptome analysis, but it also induced a small set of off-target responses in mTOR-/KI HSCs. In murine and human myeloid leukemia, besides kinase-inhibitory on-target effects, AZD2014 displayed similar off-target and growth-inhibitory cytostatic effects. These studies provide new insights into kinase-dependent/-independent effects of mTOR in hematopoiesis and present a genetic means for precisely assessing the specificity of mTOR kinase inhibitors.



This work was supported by NIDDK U54 DK126108 at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and their Flow Cytometry and Comprehensive Mouse Cores.

Publication: 2023-10-13