Cincinnati CCEH sponsored biennial Myeloid Workshop May 2024


General News

May 20-23, 2024 Cincinnati, Ohio


Since 1995, the Workshop on Molecular Aspects of Myeloid Stem Cell Development and Leukemia has offered a highly successful presentation series from approximately 40-50 renowned national and international researchers and clinicians.

The goal of these biennial workshops is to bring together investigators with expertise in complementary aspects of stem cell biology and myelopoiesis – from normal myelopoiesis to myeloid leukemia and myelodysplastic/myeloproliferative syndromes. Basic researchers and clinician investigators from both sides of the Atlantic, Australia, and Japan come together biennially to discuss their latest findings in a close and informal setting. The workshop brings together scientists with expertise in normal and abnormal hematopoiesis and clinicians who treat leukemia/MDS/MPD patients and also have active research programs in these diseases.

Participants achieve a better understanding of critical steps/factors that regulate hematopoiesis, their impact on leukemogenesis, and their potential relevance in clinical settings. Although there are other workshops and meetings dedicated to understanding the regulation of hematopoiesis or clinical advances in leukemia, this workshop uniquely brings together both clinicians and scientists in a relaxed forum.


Aifantis, Iannis
New York University

Batista, Luis
Washington University in Saint Louis

Beaudin, Anna
University of Utah

Bigas, Anna
IMIM, Barcelona Spain

Blanc, Lionel *
Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research

Borate, Uma

Carraway, Hetty
Cleveland Clinic

Crispino, John *
St. Jude Children’s

DeZern, Amy
Johns Hopkins

Dick, John
University of Toronto, Canada

Eisfeld, AK

Figueroa, Maria
University of Miami

Filippi, Marie-Dominique *
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Ganuza, Miguel
Barts Cancer Institute, London England

Garcia, Jacqueline
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Ghisletti, Serena
IEO, Milan Italy

Grimes, Lee
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Goodell, Margaret
Baylor College of Medicine

Halene, Stephanie *
Yale School of Medicine

Hidalgo, Andres
Yale University

Hitchcock, Ian
York England

Huang, Gang
University of Texas, San Antonio

Jones, Courtney *
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Jordan, Craig
University of Colorado, Denver

Krause, Diane *
Yale School of Medicine

Landau, Dan
Cornell Medical College and New York Genome Center

Levine, Ross
Memorial Sloan Kettering

Lindsley, Coleman
Dana Farber

Loghavi, Sanam
MD Anderson

Lucas, Daniel *
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Machlus, Kellie
Boston Children's Hospital

Majeti, Ravi
Stanford University

Milsom, Michael
HI-STEM, Heidelberg Germany

Naik, Shalin
WEHI, Australia

Narla, Mohandas
New York Blood Center

Ng, Lai Guan
Shanghai Immune Therapy Institute

Nimer, Stephen
University of Miami Sylvester Cancer Center

Papapetrou, Eirini
Mount Sinai

Pulikkan, John *
Versiti Blood Research Institute

Purton, Louise
St. Vincent’s Institute, The University of Melbourne, Australia

Passegue, Emmanuelle
Columbia University

Psaila, Bethann
Oxford University, England

Rodriguez-Fraticelli, Alejo
Institute for Research in Biomedicine, Barcelona Spain

Rothenberg, Ellen
California Institute of Technology

Singh, Harinder
University of Pittsburgh

Socolovsky, Merav
University of Massachusetts

Steidl, Ulrich
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Trowbridge, Jennifer
Jackson Labs

Vyas, Paresh
University of Oxford, UK

Walter, Matt
Washington University in St. Louis

Welner, Rob *
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Xie, Stephanie *
Princess Margaret Cancer Center

Zon, Leonard
Harvard and Boston Children's Hospital

  • * = full talk selected from abstracts

SHORT TALKS selected from abstracts

Barnes, Betsy

Bhatia, Ravi

Blaser, Bradley

Bowman, Robert

Bryder, David

Buckley, Shannon

Carlesso, Nadia

Chai, Li

Goyama, Susumu

Grieselhuber, Nicole

Hertlein, Erin

Jordan, Michael B

King, Katherine

Lee, Lynn

Lipka, Daniel

Maxson, Julia

Meyer, Sara

Miles, Linde

Milyavsky, Michael

Muntean, Andrew

Paralkar, Vikram

Pear, Warren

Sashida, Goro

Silberstein, Lev

Starczynowski, Dan

Tenen, Daniel

Tikhonova, Anastasia

Tong, Wei

Viny, Aaron

Volk, Andrew

Vu, Ly

Wagenblast, Elvin


Publication: 2024-06-03