CCEH April 2024 Newsletter



Issue 12

Flow Fridays Seminar Series

The NIDDK U54-supported Cooperative Centers of Excellence in Hematology (ССЕН) have joined forces to provide a Virtual "Flow Fridays Seminar Series". Recordings can be found on our website U24 P&F Funding Opportunities

CCEH YouTube Channel

Check out our YouTube Channel where Flow Fridays recordings can be viewed.


ССЕН Monthly Flow Friday NIDDK-U24 Sponsored Cooperative Centers of Excellence in Hematology

February 23d, 2024 1:00 PM EST

Katie Seu, Ph.D.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Assistant Professor at the Department of Pediatrics "Seeing is Believing: Applications of Imaging Flow Cytometry to Study Erythropoiesis"

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Meeting ID:

824 2338 2202






Utah CIHD Postdoc/student Training Exchange March 2024

Fr Row: Anna Beaudin (Utah), Diane Ward (Utah), Rubia Mancuso (Yale), Chesta Jain (Michigan), Abigail Freer (Georgia Tech), Roni Rodrigues Da Silva (Montana St), Aubrey Belot (Maryland), Arnab Kumar Nath (Montana St), Hector Bergonia (Utah), Kevin Hicks (Utah),Betty Leibold (Utah) Bk Row: Cameron Cardona (Oklahoma St), Kade Loveridge (Utah), James Cox (Utah)

U24 P&F Funding Opportunities

The NIDDK U24-supported Cooperative Centers of Excellence in Hematology (CCEH) have joined forces to provide novel support mechanisms for junior faculty, postdocs and trainees who want to pursue new studies in non-malignant hematology.

Center Directors welcome applicants from across the U.S. and will strive to provide equal access to the cutting-edge resources and expertise available in their centers.

Type A Support

$5,000 - $12,000 worth of "core credits" to be used to provide quick and equitable access to services and expertise offered by all CCEH cores.

Rolling deadlines,

abbreviated application forms, and streamlined review all contribute to rapid distribution of core credits.

Applications are due on a rolling basis. Apply NOW!

Type B Support

Up to $75,000 for one year. Pilots should involve new scientific directions or the development or application of a novel technology. It is not expected that any preliminary data be provided, but the scientific premise should be supported by literature. CLOSED. Watch for a new announcement Summer/Fall 2024.

Highlighted CCEH Core

Yale University School of Medicine

Publication: 2024-04-02