Specialized Mouse Services Core at Fred Hutchinson

The Specialized Mouse Services Core at the Fred Hutchinson provides expert technical assistance and access to four immune deficient mice strains - NSG, NRG, NSG-SGM3, and NBSGW - for in vivo hematopoietic studies. We xenograft human cell products provided by researchers or the Cell Procurement and Processing Core to generate in vivo models for assaying hematopoietic cell function and disease. We have technical expertise with a variety of routes of drug and cell administration, sample collection and processing, and non-invasive imaging. We can accelerate research progress by performing an entire in vivo experiment in our facility for researchers from anywhere in the country, deliver samples and data.

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Recent Publications Utilizing the Core:

Haworth KG, Schefter LE, Norgaard ZK, Ironside C, Adair JE, Kiem HP. HIV infection results in clonal expansions containing integrations within pathogenesis-related biological pathways. JCI Insight. 2018;3(13).

Kuhlmann AS, Haworth KG, Barber-Axthelm IM, et al. Long-Term Persistence of Anti-HIV Broadly Neutralizing Antibody-Secreting Hematopoietic Cells in Humanized Mice. Mol Ther. 2019;27(1): 164-177.

Pont MJ, Hill T, Cole GO, et al. gamma-Secretase inhibition increases efficacy of BCMA-specific chimeric antigen receptor T cells in multiple myeloma. Blood. 2019;134(19): 1585-1597.

Srivastava S, Salter AI, Liggitt D, et al. Logic-Gated ROR1 Chimeric Antigen Receptor Expression Rescues T Cell-Mediated Toxicity to Normal Tissues and Enables Selective Tumor Targeting. Cancer Cell. 2019;35(3): 489-503 e488.   


Last updated: 04-05-2021