Fred Hutch SHIP Summer High School Program

The Summer high school internship program (SHIP) is in its 10th year. Supported primarily by donations, diversity supplements to NIH grants, and an enrichment core to an NIDDK/NIH U54 grant, SHIP has never been financially secure, although wildly popular. Between 150-400 applications are received each year for 30 positions. The program runs 8 weeks in the summer, 40 hours per week.

SHIP is staffed by a Professor from the Clinical Research Division and her administrative assistant, neither receive compensation for this activity; also included in the staff is a professional science education specialist and a research technician, both are compensated for 50% of their effort. The high-quality authentic research experience provided through SHIP is only made possible through the commitment of Fred Hutch faculty, and their willingness to give of themselves as well as their labs. This welcoming generosity of spirit is contagious and will reap benefits for years to come. Many SHIP alumni have stated the real pay-off of their academic success is the ability to give back.

The 2019 SHIP cohort was the last to be photographed as a group (shown here to demonstrate the degree of diversity we can achieve).
Students learn lab safety and basic techniques the first week. They are then placed in pairs into PIs lab where they will learn about the research in that lab. Every Friday they come out of the lab for group activities: lectures, panel discussions, workshops, and fun. Fun means the beach, and boat rides. At the end of the program all students, again in pairs, give a reflection on what they learned.

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Last updated: 06-03-2021