Cincinnati Children's Postdoctural in Immunology

April 27, 2022

A post-doctoral research position is available in the Pasare Laboratory to study inflammatory responses downstream of pattern recognition receptors and the cross-talk between innate and adaptive immune systems. We are currently focused on the following projects:

1. Regulation of memory CD4 T cell responses by the Innate Immune system with a

particular focus on IL-1 family of cytokines

2. Role of inflammasome independent IL-1beta in systemic inflammation, auto-immunity and anti-tumor responses.

3. Differences in Macrophage and Dendritic cell responses to virulent pathogens

and its impact on innate and adaptive immunity

Highly motivated candidates with a PhD in biomedical sciences and experience in Biochemistry, Cell biology and Molecular Biology that are interested in doing research in Immunology are encouraged to apply.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and is one of the largest pediatric academic hospitals in the country. It has a large and vibrant basic and clinical research community with world class facilities and infrastructure. Candidates will also benefit from a strong and collaborative Immunology community.

Interested candidates should send their CV, a description of their research interests and

a list of three references to