Diversity and Science Symposium, October 27-29

Dearest humans,

We are thrilled to announce the fully virtual Inaugural Diversity and Science Symposium, hosted by DASL (Diversity And Science Lecture) UCSD, October 27th-29th

This trainee-organized symposium features:

  • 20 incredible speakers doing cutting edge research in everything from microbiology to chemical ecology to developmental patterning to science education
  • 4 illuminating panel sessions on dismantling racist, misogynist, ableist, and homophobic structures in STEM fields,
  • 2 interactive networking events so you can meet other scientists striving for equity, diversity, and inclusion in STEM
  • an exciting keynote presentation by members of the Henrietta Lacks family with Rebecca Skloot, author of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

You can find the list of speakers here with their websites and research interests (including two current/former members of Utah SACNAS!) and the full schedule here!

We invite you to join us by registering here (for free! Invite your friends!)

The Diversity and Science Lecture initiative aims to dismantle the discriminatory structures built into academia by highlighting science done by diverse scientists, normalizing conversations about diverse journeys into science, and championing young scientists everywhere.

We believe that representation is essential. By highlighting prestigious and successful scientists that come from a variety of backgrounds, we hope to encourage ALL our students to continue in STEM. By normalizing conversations about background we hope to alter the ethos of silence and foster open communication between parties. Every one of our talks features the backstory of the person who has done the research. We want to talk about biology, but we also want to highlight the humans underneath. No one is born a scientist; as a UCSD student said recently “Becoming a scientist is a continuous process; you don’t have to burst forth fully formed from Zeus' helmet with pipette in hand.” We all find our way here, and we hope that by normalizing discussions of our human journeys and backstories we can show budding scientists at all levels and from all backgrounds that they belong in our community.

We look forward to seeing you at the symposium and learning about your science, your self, and your ideas about the future!

With greatest love and respect,


Diane Ward

Last updated: 10-21-2020